For a successful qualification of your service employees

Dedicated employees are the backbone of your service organisation.
A proper planning of qualification measures per employee is crucial for the future service success. Already Goethe knew: “Knowing is not enough,
we must apply.” 
The IMPULS Campus has been specially designed for the qualifcation of service staff and includes practical training modules for your individual requirements. Well-trained service employees are an investment in the future of your company.


Behaviour at the customer

Service technicians are the face of your company towards customers. So, take care of a professional service technician appearance with each customer visit.

Service technicians as sales representatives

Increase service sales and profits through targeted after sales service distribution with the support of service technicans on customer site.

Communication for application engineers

The installation and commissioning phase is the basis for further cooperation with the customer. Therefore, ensure a good start with the customer.

Business administration for service technicians

We teach your service technicians the basics of business management and specific methods for the preparation and follow-up of order processing.


Successful de-escalation management

Learn how to professionally deal with complaints and unsatisfied customers and how to convince them of your after sales service – even in difficult situations.

Active offer follow-up

Convert more open service and spare parts offers into orders! An active offer follow-up is a factor of success with a minimal investment in time.

Active sales of spare parts and services

Turn your back office employees into successful service sellers. Active service sales provide valuable competitive advantages.

Efficient service planning

We provide your dispatchers and service planners tools for an efficient planning of service technicians – regional and according to qualification.

Professional phone calls

The training contains the right methods and tools in order to increase your impact on the phone as well as customer satisfaction.

Service sales planning by key account managers

Qualify your service sales employees to key account managers for an optimal support of important customers and customers with high service potential.

Successful selling

Based on a biostructural analysis you will learn how to adapt quickly to customers and negotiation partners to ensure sustainable service sales success.


Proactive service management

We show you how effective leadership contributes to a motivated service team and additionally increases service sales and profits.

Teamwork service and sales

A better collaboration of service and sales employees helps to boost both service sales and new business sales.

Self awareness and knowledge of human nature

Learn how to ideally use your own strengths and weaknesses in order to deal properly with employees and customers as well as improving your impact on them.

Successful leadership

The seminar answers the question: “How to lead employees in the right way and how to deal with different types of people to make them successful and productive?”


Strategies for a successful service management

As strategic business unit the after sales service business significantly contributes to the success of a company. At the same time requirements for service responsibles are becoming increasingly complex. IMPULS offers an inhouse service manager course where service responsibles learn methods for a successful service management. Participants benefit from an intensive exchange of experience, interactive case studies and many practical examples.

Service manager in 4 modules:

  • Module 1: Service market cultivation
  • Module 2: Service processes
  • Module 3: Service organisation, leadership and pricing
  • Module 4: Service planning and controlling

Target group: Service Managers and qualified employees of the 2nd level (Head of Spare Parts, Head of Customer Service, Support) with the potential for being a Service Manager.


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